Friendly countries send more aid for flood victims

Railway track

Railway service resumption may take 12 to 15 days

ISLAMABAD, Aug 30,2022- Friendly countries have sent more relief goods for the flood victims, six planes of Turkey and Emirates have landed in Karachi and Rawalpindi, China will send two planes tomorrow, Bahrain will also send a plane soon.

The Army Chief contacted the Emirate authorities to help the flood victims, the UAE has established an airlift to provide relief supplies.

Six planes from Turkey and United Arab Emirates arrived in Pakistan with relief materials for the relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims of Pakistan.

According to ISPR, friendly countries have promised to support Pakistan’s relief and rehabilitation efforts to help Pakistan’s flood victims. Two Emirates military planes have reached Noor Khan Air Base Rawalpindi.

Severe floods cause losses of $10 billion to Pakistan’s economy 

Floods and rains claim 982 lives, highest number in Sindh

A military plane from the United Arab Emirates will arrive at Noor Khan Air Base this evening, while two planes from China will reach Pakistan in the next 48 hours.

Similarly, Bahrain has promised to send a plane of relief supplies to Pakistan to help the flood victims.