Foreign Office rejects Indian Army’s dossier

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Foreign Office rejects Indian Army's dossier

ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office rejected “baseless allegations” levelled by the Indian Army through a “dossier” that was reported by some segments of the Indian media.

Some Indian outlets, including India Today, claimed that Pakistan is assisting militants to infiltrate across the border for “terror activities.”

“We outrightly reject this false and fabricated so-called dossier, the reported contents of which have been crafted using disinformation, fake assertions, and insinuations that seek to divert the world’s attention from India’s own brazen and well-documented campaign of state- terrorism and widespread human rights violations in the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoJK),” the FO said while responding to the claims.

According to a statement issued in this regard on Thursday, the FO spokesperson said that on many occasions, direct links between the ruling BJP and perpetrators of violence in the IoJK and other places had surfaced.