Fire erupts in Karachi Shopping Mall: 11 lives lost in blaze

Fire fighting

90% buildings in Karachi lack a fire-fighting system

KARACHI, Nov,25,2023:  A devastating fire erupted in a prominent shopping mall, claiming the lives of 11 individuals. The incident, which unfolded on Rashid Minhas Road in Karachi, has left the city in shock and mourning.

Rescue operations were swift to respond, managing to bring the inferno under control. However, the death toll has risen to 11, with nine bodies shifted to Jinnah Hospital, one to Civil Hospital, and another to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital. Meanwhile, 46 individuals were successfully rescued from the blazing building.

Jinnah Hospital authorities have identified four of the deceased as Karim Bakhsh (32), Younis (43), Kashif (52), and Bilal Tajuddin. Three others remain under treatment at Jinnah Hospital, with one in critical condition, all of whom were initially brought in unconscious.

Deputy Director of the Accident Department at Jinnah Hospital reported that all the victims, both deceased and injured, were men ranging from 22 to 43 years of age. Additionally, nine individuals are undergoing treatment for severe smoke suffocation.

The fire, which originated on the sixth floor and spread to the fourth floor, resulted in the destruction of numerous shops within the shopping mall. While the fire brigade successfully extinguished the flames, rescue efforts continue, with concerns lingering about potential individuals still trapped within the plaza.

Firefighting operations engaged 12 fire brigade vehicles, approximately 50 firefighters, and two snorkels to combat the blaze. The cause of the fire remains unknown, adding to the anguish of the affected families.

CM expresses deep regret over the tragic loss of life

Expressing his condolences, the Chief Minister of Sindh conveyed deep regret over the tragic loss of life. Justice (Rtd) Maqbool Baqir, the caretaker Chief Minister of Sindh, has taken note of the incident and assured a thorough investigation.

Disturbingly, this marks the second time the same building has been engulfed in flames, as revealed by Chief Fire Officer Mubeen Ahmed. He highlighted the chaos that ensues in such emergencies, emphasizing the need for enhanced safety measures. Ahmed added that a detailed assessment of the fire safety equipment within the building would be conducted once the rescue operation concludes.