Experiencing coeducation taboos

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Experiencing coeducation taboos


In Pakistan as girls enter university level education they come across co-education, because form class V to intermediate the have been receiving education in separate schools or classes. This is all together a new experience. Many questions have arisen when it comes to co-education.

Co-education means joint education system for girls and boys, where both the gender get the education from the same class/institution. Though it has become very common around the world but still in some countries it is not acceptable. I don’t know for what reasons they don’t allow their daughters to get education, firstly, and when it comes to studying with the opposite gender then it is a big NO from their family.

Saying no because of the boys, is not a solution, getting an education is everyone’s right but I don’t understand why people prefer to look at cons without even thinking of the pros first?

There are many Pros of co-education. Let me tell you my first ever co-education experience, what I’ve learned from it and how was it overall.

For Karachi girl, it is bit easy to adjust herself in university education, but when it comes to Hyderabad, or some other smaller cities  there are taboos.

I’m a Final year student and my university life is almost about to end. Since Nursery to Inter I’ve studied with girls whether it’s my coaching my school, my college. So, it was the first time I was about to get co-education when I passed intermediate and got admission in Sindh University.

God! I still remember the first day the nervousness which was going inside me. I didn’t know anything about co-education, so many questions were arising in my mind. I used to play with boys in my childhood, all my friends were boys but that was different they were my friends. But studying with boys for the first time was a different kind of fear and anxiety.

I was scared that they may be bullies and come on who doesn’t know about ragging? We all know about the ragging of juniors so that was scaring me the most like what if they do ragging? What if I can’t face them because I have no idea about boys how will they behave?

I was not scared at all about girls because I knew that there is going to be some eye-rolls at first. I have to see silly and rude faces at first and then at the end they are the ones who are going to be my friends as it used to be like in school and college. I guess this is how every girl’s friendship starts.

So the girls were not an issue for me, but boys that’s the fear which was scaring me the most but as soon as I entered my department I saw the nervous faces of boys seems like they were the one scared of me.

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Well, I’ve entered my class, as the professor comes and asks us to come on stage and introduce ourselves. One by one everyone came on stage and introduced him/herself. Then it was my turn, my heart started beating so fast, my legs and hands were shaking. But somehow I managed to go on stage and started speaking suddenly I forgot what to tell people about me? Who the hell am I? I’m not exaggerating anything at all, this is exactly what happened on that day.

I felt bad about myself that why I didn’t study before with the boys? If I had then I didn’t have to be fear of anything. It’s not like that anyone’s going to kill me there but it was all in my mind, it’s our mind who plays with us but in actuality, there is nothing like that the way we were thinking.

The truth is it’s all because of the environment where we live in, we have been told since childhood to stay away from boys, don’t talk to boys, and so on. That’s what makes us scared of them but when I’ve started studying with them I get to learn so many things they are not bad at all instead we developed a mutual respect, I’ve learned that there are many pros of co-education.


–  We build up the confidence of facing the opposite gender.

–  Our communication skills get better because we interact with everyone.

–  Co-education prepares us for the real world because in the real world you’ll have to face everyone.


– The one most common disadvantage of co-education is the harassment faced by girls. Every pond has one dirty fish so in co-education there is always some guy who harassed the girls and make their studies and life miserable for them.

– The second most common disadvantage of co-education is the attraction between the opposite sex. Have you ever read Coulomb’s law in Physics? which stated that: “Like Charges Repel, and Unlike Charges Attract Each Other”

 So, this is what happens in co-education, it is normal to get drawn to the opposite gender at a vital time of life where interest assumes control over your heart. Along these lines, guardians feel co-education is a bad idea for their children.


From my point of view, I would say that every human being should judge things by his own experience and not follow what they just hearsay because you don’t know how true that is, and there is nothing wrong with getting co-education everyone should go for it, and get the experience.

Rich result son google SERP when searching for 'Coeducation taboos'
Experiencing  coeducation taboos by Areeba Roshan

The author completed her studies at University of Sindh and is blogger 








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