February 21, 2024

Electricity Woes: Over 26 Lakh Complaints Flood In Within a Year

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Taxes on electricity bills major source of income for government

Islamabad (Bureau Report): A staggering 26,52,623 complaints have been registered against electricity companies within the past year, revealing a growing tide of dissatisfaction among consumers.

This disclosure comes from official government data, highlighting the extent of grievances lodged by the public.

Sources indicate that 25,79,874 complaints were processed through the customer complaint management system, showcasing a substantial number of dissatisfactions with electricity supply services.

Notably, LESCO (Lahore)topped the list with 8,72,497 complaints, followed by GEPCO with 3,15, 532, FESCO (Faisalabad) with 3,16,166, ISCO (Islamabad) 3,16,682, PESCO Peshawar with 35  525, HESCO with 77,380, and TESCO with a minimal 5 complaints.

Moreover, the Federal Complaints Cell recorded a total of 71,975 complaints in the span of one year, with MEPCO receiving the highest count at 46, 945. ISCO, Fesco, and HESCO amassed 5669, 4748, and 2688 complaints, respectively.

In a surprising revelation, 744 written complaints were submitted against electricity companies over the course of the year.

Of these, ISCO received the lion’s share, with 136 written complaints, indicating a particular concern regarding its services. As the complaints continue to mount, questions arise about the efficiency and quality of electricity services provided by these companies, prompting a call for enhanced oversight and solutions to address consumer grievances.