Electricity to be more expensive by Rs 7.91

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Government decides to reduce price of electricity

ISLAMABAD, June 24,2022- Electricity will become more expensive by Rs 7.91 per unit with an increase of Rs3.50 per unit in three phases.

According to the Power Division, the basic electricity tariff will be increased by Rs. 3.50 per unit from July 1, bringing the basic tariff to Rs. 20.41.

One month later, from August 1, the basic tariff will be increased by Rs. 3.50 which will make per Rs. 23.91.

Electricity rates to go up from July 

Decision to increase electricity tariff delayed

On October 1, 91 paisa per unit will be increased, which will further increase the basic electricity tariff to Rs24.82 per unit.

According to Power Division sources, the increase will be in the basic tariff and will be applicable to consumers using more than 200 units.