Electric air taxi to be operation in Olympic Games in Paris

German company Volocopter air taxi

Electric air taxi to be operation in Olympic Games in Paris - foto courtesy usnews

PARIS, June 21- German company Volocopter made the first flight of its electric air taxi in France at a show at Le Bourget airport on Monday and said it aims to serve as a service in the run-up to the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

The flying taxi looks like a small helicopter, landed at Bourget airport near Paris and then landed vertically after a three-minute flight.

It flew about 500 meters in the air at 30 kilometers per hour and was about 30 meters above the airspace, the company said.

It has the capacity for two people on board and a luggage compartment.

“The objective is to actually have a regular service in operation,” foreign media quoted Volocopter chief executive Florian.

Air taxi service will initially be operated by fully licensed pilots to comply with existing regulations.

But later, this vehicle to fly fully automated, so you no longer need a pilot’s license.

“Urban mobility is a market worth over $10 trillion,” he said. “We estimate that, by 2035, we can serve a market that has approximately $300 billion of opportunity.”