September 23, 2023

Elections will be held in early or mid-2023: Rana Sanaullah

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Rana Sanaullah spells out conditions for talk

Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah talking in a TV talk show has said that elections are going to be held in early or mid-2023 anyway and that is the year of elections.

Rana Sanaullah said that as far as his information is concerned, the decision taken by the Islamabad High Court was made on the request of PTI. On the one hand, they (PTI) tell us that we have made a conspiracy and we are postponing the election or have done so.

He recalled that the decision made by the Election Commission has been supported by the Islamabad High Court.

IHC disposes of plea against ban on Imran Khan’s live speech

On the one hand, PTI issues show cause notices and on the other hand, against the resignations accepted by the Speaker, they are complaining in the High Court as to why these resignations were accepted.

Notice issued to Imran Khan for using government resources in rally

Rana Sanaullah remarked that it is wrong to say that by disqualifying Imran Khan, the entire party will be wiped out completely. As a political activist, I am not convinced that we should make such a strategy politically.