Election results will be announced on Feb 9 at 1 pm, EMS system will be tested

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When will the full results of the elections be available?

Islamabad (Agencies) The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced that the results of the elections held on February 8 will be announced on February 9 at one o’clock in the night.

All arrangements have been made to send the results from across the country to the Election Commission on time.

According to the sources, three data entry operators will be provided to the returning officers of all the constituencies.

ROs will have fiber optics facility and alternatively Wi-Fi devices, Election Management System (EMS) will be used in Election 2024. The RTS system had collapsed as it is one data entry system at a time. It took a long time to receive the results. Technology will be used to make the election 2024 transparent and impartial.

The Election Commission has successfully tested the Election Management System (EMS) in all four provinces. EMS has been tested from offices of Regional Election Commissioners, District Election Commissioners.

Sources say that the EMS system has been developed keeping in mind the modern requirements. Through EMS the results can be sent online and offline, the presiding officers will send the results of their polling stations to the returning officers. Officers will prepare the results and send them to the Election Commission digitally and manually.