Eight flood victims die in single day in Mehar camp

flood victims

Eight flood victims die in single day in Mehar camp - file foto

HYDERABAD, Sep 19,2022- Eight flood victims died in one day after floods in Mehar town of district Dadu. The flood victims staged sit-in with the body of a child on the Indus highway, the body of a girl was lying for 12 hours.

Reports said, gastroenteritis, fever and other diseases spread in the relief camps of the flood victims in Mehar, eight people died in a single day, including two women and two children, while many people are suffering from the disease.

The flood victims carrying the dead body of a girl observed sit-in for 12 hours. They said the victims were forced to live in constant hunger due to lack of food and clean drinking water.

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Among the dead were 7-year-old Naghma Ilyas of village Wasayo Wahan Mangwani, 6-year-old Wajid Ali Khoso of village Varand Ja Bhan, Ms Sughran Chandio of village Bhadarpur, Zainab Khaskheli of village Laung Tunio, Saifullah Chandio of village Mojhar, Faridabad, Abdul Hakeem Channo of Radhan, 3-year-old daughter Shahzadi D/O Asghar Ali Jogi, Raja Chandio of village Aliwal are included.

More than 25,75000 people caught different diseases due to flood in Sindh, says provincial health department.
According to the Sindh Health Department, 12027 cases of respiratory, asthma and chest diseases have been reported in the province during 24 hours, while 19746 cases of various acute diseases have been reported.

Over 2.57 m people caught diseases after floods in Sindh

The Health Department has said that more than 17,919 cases of diarrhea were reported during the last 24 hours, while 4 cases of dog bites have been reported.