December 6, 2023

Education department admits 20% of the students are deprived of textbooks

Shireen Narejo

Education department admits 20% of the students are deprived of textbooks (file foto)

KARACHI, Nov 6: The Sindh education department admitted that 20% of the students are deprived of the textbooks of the current year.

Speaking on the educational situation of Sindh in the 4th Latif Art and Literature Festival held at the Arts Council of Karachi yesterday, Education Secretary Dr. Shireen Narejo said that it is a general mindset or attitude for government officials that it would be false but it is not, the issue is basically education. For we are ourselves who think that we are all experts, which is the main problem, which is expertise, but we are unable to understand it. 32 thousand out of 42 thousand schools are one room schools. It has been proposed to close schools that cannot run even where teachers have been hired

Teachers in urban areas don’t want to go to schools by showing if education is good I am ready to do otherwise everyone has to play their role, positive attitude of society is needed not all is bad 4 million children 11 thousand private They are also children of Sindh who are studying in schools. The society needs to play its role. The host of the session was Fiza Patafi, who answered the questions. There are obstacles in education, Prof. Ijaz Qureshi said that the curriculum does not work

The books are old now that the whole country is talking about the same curriculum, some may be common but not all, the curriculum changes every year in the world, the curriculum of the textbook board and the curriculum of private schools are very different. There is no training for the teacher, there is a permanent commission that develops the curriculum. Mehboob Sheikh said that there are 26 public and 44 private universities in Sindh, the majority of the university employees are in the syndicate for their monitoring, while a total of 14 sessions were held.