Education and SDGs- Hope for a changing future in Thar!

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Education and SDGs- Hope for a changing future in Thar!

  • International Education day observed in Thar desert

UMERKOT, Jan 25,2022- The children of desert area from Tharparkar are playing their part in fulfilling the sustainable Development Goals- SDGs.  The fourth international education day 2022 under the theme of Changing Course, Transforming Education was celebrated by AWARE at village Arnaro UC Kantio of Tehsil Chachro, Tharparkar.

The COVID-19 has created the largest disruption of education systems in 2020-21. Gaps in completing academic sessions, no remedial classes have impacted the education of desert areas in Tharparkar, speakers shared their views on the occasion of International Education Day 2022, organized by AWARE with a collaboration of TDH in Village Arnaro of Tharparkar.

The AWARE organization with the support of TDH organized the event at the village; where AWARE representatives, local social activists, teachers, youth and community members including men, women, and children participated. Students of Government Boys Primary School Arnaro participated with great enthusiasm. The teachers and SMC members took a keen interest in conducting the event.

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Celebrating Education Day in Thar desert

AWARE team member Ms. Farhat Fairy briefed the background to the celebration of International Education Day 2022, stating that UNESCO (UN) came together to bring about education reforms to meet the world’s sustainable development goals. That is why we are celebrating Education Day throughout countries to address all the shortcomings in the education system. She also expressed her views in depth.

Addressing the participants, Gobind Ram Chelani, Educationist said that every child is the future so we need to focus on every child so that their proper concept is built. The children learn from their parents in early days, we must not teach our children anything wrong, he also gave some examples of how bad talking to a child affects their mind and we should always feed our children for the positive things and behavior so that they too can be positive in every response.  He also quoted the example of Thomas Edison how his mother helped in his growth and to develop a positive attitude toward society.

Kelash Kumar Social welfare Officer, Social Welfare Department shared that about the value and power of education in which he described his case study how did he get here after studying. He also shared about the work of Social welfare department for child protection, he also explained how the school going children could be kept.

Shewa Ram Program Manager AWARE shared that parents have a huge role to play in shaping the future of the child. If they both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their day-to-day activities, their child will one day become a doctor or an engineer. Teachers also play an important role in the development of children. If they vibrant the concept clarity of every child, they will not have any difficulty in learning.  He also suggested an opinion for additional classes to cover the remaining course or to clear up every concept of a lesson, poem, etc.  He suggested that if we put a lesson title on YouTube, it would contain a lot of videos in different languages. That is, watching it clears the concept of children and also makes it easier for children to understand.

AWARE LHV Ms. Nusrat also emphasized the pressing need for literacy and education. She said: “We know about our rights, it is a privilege that we have women participants attending this event. It is a request to keep educating your girls because they are the foundation of our society’. She also oriented members of her health club to send their daughters to school.

While addressing the participant said: “Indeed the communities live below the poverty line. There is an acute shortage of resources. The importance of education cannot be undermined even during such circumstances. He added: “We have to rise up to the challenges we are facing today and must educate our young generation – it is the only solution to address poverty.”

The school’s head teacher, Meghan Das, shared: “We are really fortunate that AWARE and TDH have built two additional classrooms with wash facilities to help the girls in the village. Previously we had only boys’ washrooms due to which girls did not come and now after providing all the missing facilities by AWARE now the enrollment rate has been increased. He also talked about Girls who belong to the families who think that girls are a burden that they have to off load to the groom & his family’s shoulders, A mindset according to which girls are considered as a mere commodity and a soul that is made to fulfill the duties others assign to her, that is the fate most of the girls meet. He continued and said when we talk about girls we talk about half of the population, half of those people who are talented, powerful, resourceful and full of energy however untapped.

AWARE team formed a child club to make the environment friendly school.  appealing to the children. The teachers have been given the training to improve their skills in child-friendly methods of teaching. The school management committee (SMC) members were also provided with capacity building training for quality education.

The students of the school sang songs and performed the tableaus. The students’ performance gave a message of hope to the participants. The tableaus highlighted the negative aspect of illiteracy. The performances sensitized the participants about the negative impact of uneducated children and consequently uneducated communities. The best participants/children also rewarded with prizes.

The songs performed by the students called attention to the importance of education. The event came to an end when all the participants formed a rally around the village to forward this message to the entire village. The event was a great success. AWARE in collaboration with the SMC, Child Club, and the communities have been able to promote the message of Equitable Education to achieve the SDG # 04 Quality Education by innovative learning.