ECP turns down PTI plea for adjournment: Foreign funding case

Election commission of Pakistan

Election Commission extends date for submission of nomination papers

ISLAMABAD 15,2022- The Election Commission of Pakistan  – ECP turned down the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) plea to adjourn the hearing of foreign funding case.

Chief Election Commissioner Alexander Sultan Raja heard the case.

PTI’s lawyers Anwar Mansoor and Shah Khawar did not appear in the ECP while the Assistant Advocate appeared. “PTI lawyers are sick”

The Assistant Advocate told the ECP that Anwar Mansoor has reached Islamabad from Karachi but he has severe fever.

Chief Election Commissioner said that Anwar Mansoor did not go abroad, he was in Karachi, he said at a previous hearing that he was going abroad, you repeatedly demand the case pending, the case has been under trial for 7 years.

“We have submitted our response to the report of the Scrutiny Committee,” the PTI assistant lawyer said.

Election Commission of Pakistan rejects PTI’s request for adjournment of hearing.

Parliament did not consider Election Commission of Pakistan’s report on EVM

At the last hearing, PTI lawyer Anwar Mansoor argued on his request.

The PTI’s request stated that the details of the PTI party fund can only be disclosed to the Election Commission, as this is a matter between the Election Commission and the PTI.

The arguments of Akbar S. Babar’s lawyer

Akbar S. Babar’s lawyer Ahmed Hassan today argued on the PTI application, saying that in the Scrutiny Committee, there was always a request from PTI, I always said in a jumble that we would not sit in the committee. We took data from the US website and party website, some papers have been provided by the people.

In the arguments, Akbar S. Babar’s lawyer said that the scrutiny committee confirmed the data obtained from the US website that the accounts were hidden, billions of rupees were deposited, the committee did not mention those billions but confirmed the $ 10 million, they did not give details of the foreign accounts to the committee.  

What is a Foreign Funding Case?

Akbar S. Babar, a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, filed an application in the Election Commission against irregularities in party funds in 2014.

Akbar S. Babar alleged that millions of dollars were transferred to PTI’s bank accounts through two offshore companies and the PTI kept the bank accounts secret from the Election Commission of Pakistan.