December 6, 2023

ECP issues procedure for election observers and media

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ECP issues procedure for election observers and media

ISLAMABAD, Nov 19,2023: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has released the procedure for observing the general elections for domestic observers and media.

The ECP has issued an 11-point procedure for general election observation. According to the notification, Election Commission Headquarters, Provincial Election Commissioners and DROs will be able to issue accreditation cards.

Media, NGOs and observer organizations will be allowed to observe the elections. Observers will be able to apply for accreditation cards after the release of the schedule.

Heads of observers’ organizations will submit affidavits. It will be mandatory to provide complete biodata, photographs, photocopies of ID card of observers.

Observers shall provide written assurance of compliance with the Code of Conduct and shall cooperate with election and security staff.