Difficult to live in a dual system world, Hania Aamir reacts

Hania Aamir reacts to criticism

Difficult to live in a dual system world, Hania Aamir reacts

Hannah Aamir, who has been criticized for her viral video for the past few days, said that it is difficult to live in a dual system world where a man is praised for his misbehavior and a woman is lowered.

Haniya Amir shared her video on her confirmed Instagram account in which she is sitting sadly in her room with her friend while the actress’s friend is trying to put a smile on their face.

The actress wrote in the caption of the video, “Live another day in a world where double standards of innocence have power and where there is no room for dissent.”

“Where a man tries to insult a woman, he is praised, but if a woman does, he is hated,” she wrote.

Haniya Aamir also wrote that “where a woman loves her loved ones, it is wrong, but if a man does something wrong to a woman’s image, it is made viral.”

A large number of showbiz stars on this post of the actress are advising her to stay strong, including Yasir Hussain, Ali Rehman, Shazia Wajahat, Aima Baig, Asher Wajahat and Dananir Mobin.

It should be noted that recently Haniya Aamir had shared a video with singer and actor Asher Wajahat on which a strong reaction is being expressed on social media.

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