Dances continue, finding the Hareem Shah’s groom

Hareem Shah claims

Dances continue, finding the Hareem Shah’s groom

Ajiz Jamali

Politics and show business are both popular sectors in Pakistan, so even a small scandal related to these two sectors becomes a big news.

Some 21 years back, when a former minister of Sindh married a girl in Nazimabad, Karachi, whose mother was active in the party. She was active in the PML-N women’s wing and used to bring her young daughter with her to party programmes. The girl, who was fond of working in TV dramas, despite her interest in showbiz, used to travel with prominent Sindh political figures, including a former chief minister and a former minister in the Nawaz Sharif government. But there had never been a scandal with the powerful tribal chief and former minister she married.

The tribal politician took her bride s to Dubai after the marriage, they remained her together for some time and later he divorced her.

better to commit suicide than to marry Hareem Shah – Tainour Talpur

The secret marriages of Sindh’s political characters are not uncommon and the scandals of politicians with colorful characters associated with showbiz are not new. There are thousands of stories that are still secret.

PPP leader Nisar Ahmad Khuhro was disqualified in the last elections for keeping one of his wives secret. Many incumbent and former ministers of the Sindh Assembly have had secret marriages.

Many former and sitting members of parliament are also on the list. Interestingly, in this case, many figures belonging to the urban class have defeated the rural feudal class.

Zulfiqar Ali Shah MPA and Hareem
Zulfiqar Shah denies news circulating on social media attributed to Hareem Shah

Just a few months ago, there was a commotion late night in a very expensive apartment on the beach. Police were called. There was a complaint against a beautiful girl for throwing empty bottles in the swimming pool.

As soon as the police arrived, a call came from higher authorities and the police went back from the gate of the apartment. It turned out the girl is in showbiz.

The Chowkidar of the apartment said that she was the wife of a minister. No one is going to confirm whether she is a wife of a minister. But the girl lives alone in this multi-million rupee apartment. Now a police mobile has also been assigned for her protection.

This Sindh minister has one or two secret marriages earlier also.

Some former presidents, Prime Ministers Ministers and key civilian and non-civilian officers, politicians, judges, lawyers have been ascribed with showbiz celebrities and secret marriages scandals keep popping up.

Not only social media but main stream media was also discussing Hareem Shah’s purported marriage

The incumbent rulers have also had such scandals and many such incidents are still behind the scenes.

One such storm has erupted with the news of Hareem Shah’s marriage yesterday. A storm that shook the Sindh lawmakers.

Methodology of Hareem Shah

Forty-one-year-old Fiza Hussain Shah alias Hareem Shah was not known to people three or four years back, but photos uploaded from the Presidency and the Foreign Ministry skyrocketed Hareem Shah’s social media ratings.

Instead of coming down from the sky, Hareem Shah was determined to touch the seven heavens of fame, so she continued to advance in the game of fame.

Then there is the leak of her video with Federal Minister Sheikh Rashid or a “love story” with the much known Mufti Qawi.

She has been claiming publicly friendship with politicians and businessmen. Social media fully supported Hareem Shah to make her claims to come true.

Just every two to four months, Hareem Shah keeps making some kind of explosion whose sound can be heard far and wide and then a series of calls from TV channels are tied to Hareem Shah’s phone and then Hareem Shah’s fame rating.

Hareem Shah’s shook the Sindh lawmakers

Hareem Shah made a new explosion on the journey of fame.

This time the sound of the blast is echoing up to the Sindh Assembly House, after which a PPP member showing his hand says, “My hands are clean.”

Someone says that my color is Sanola, then some other said that the opposition cooked up this drama against me.

Is Hareem Shah’s marriage a drama or a reality? Both things are possible, but if the marriage took place, then at least it should be assumed that Hareem Shah would have reached the sixth heaven of fame and wealth, and even if the marriage turned out to be a drama, there would be no harm to Hareem Shah, rather her business will shine.

She says she married with a Sindh Assembly member who is also a minister and has a house outside Karachi and has already first wife. “till my lord, does not take in to confidence his first wife I will not reveal his name.

Hareem Shah Talk of town

Hareem Shah’s marriage is only interesting conversations among for politicians, assemblies, government offices and media houses, but it has become subject of politicians’ wives.

Some Sindh MPAs are viewed with suspicion by their wives and some have sworn that they have nothing to do with Hareem Shah.

I asked a former provincial minister from the PPP to tell me with whom Hareem Shah married? The former minister from Hyderabad said, “If she got married, she would have got married with a Shah.”

Provincial Minister Mir Taimur Talpur has commented that “it is better to commit suicide than to marry Hareem Shah”. It is possible that those who are married may have thought of committing suicide but some MPAs also say. Let’s see who that lucky man is?

Who is going Turkey?

Hareem Shah said she would leave for Turkey on July 4 with her fiancé.

Now it is time for those who are going to Turkey, because in the end the boarding card will be made, right?

Hareem Shah’s wedding drum is also being beaten on Pakistan’s national media and social media. The chants are being played and someone is attributing it to someone.

Someone on a social networking site highlighted the man with the watch that Hareem Shah had placed his hand on.

Hareem Shah and media managers of both sides

Media managers affiliated with the Sindh government are trying to create the impression on social media that Hareem Shah has not married to any PPP minister or MPA.

On the other hand the media managers of the Sindh opposition are like Urdu saying “Abdullah dewany” (Abdullah crazy).

There is an old Sindhi saying that the as bridegroom so would be his marriage party. This is what seen after the “purported marriage” of Hareem Shah. But neither the groom is found nor the the guests. Despite all this ignorance, everyone is dancing.

Ajiz Jamali is renowned journalist, he has worked with different print and electronic media outlets 


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