Culture minister Sardar Shah apologizes for his remakes about Bhittai

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KARACHI Oct 25,2021

Provincial Minister for Education and Culture, Syed Sardar Shah has apologized for his remakes regarding Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. He apologized by releasing a video statement on social media.

Sindh culture minister began his speech by reciting the verse of Bhittai and said that he had been in touch with Latif Sarkar for seventeen years. In the walk of life we ​​have been reading the subtle signs. My first book was dedicated to Shah Latif,” he recalled.

Whatever he did for Shah Latif during his ministry have been done not as a minister but as a Faqir of Latif, he said and added, “I’m doing different things, and worked as a lover of Latif.”

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He said in his speech at the Secretariat that “many people did not understand the meaning of what I wanted to say, thanks to them, but it is possible that I made a mistake in the choice of words. He added that I couldn’t pick the right words on stage.

Latif’s lovers are hurt by a few words, I apologize to every lover and follower of Latif, and the rest of those who settled their scores on pretext of and my speech about Bhittai, I can only pray for them, the culture minister concluded.