Critical Task Ahead: Securing 169 Members for Coalition Government Formation

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7-Party Coalition in the Federal Government, Independent Members Eyed for Ministries

Critical task ahead for securing 169 members for Coalition Government Formation. In the unfolding political landscape, the pivotal task of garnering support from independent members takes precedence, marking a strategic shift in the aftermath of the events on May 9.

Discussion surrounding individuals involved in the said events is intentionally omitted, as parties pivot towards consensus decisions on critical roles such as the president, chairman, senate, and Speaker.

Current results indicate that the Muslim League (N) stands as the single majority party with 65 seats, while the outcome of 44 seats remains pending.

If the Muslim League (N) can secure the backing of the PPP, the formation of a coalition government may become a more achievable goal. PML (N)’s strategy suggests that obtaining support from the 90 elected members backed by PTI will be the last priority, emphasizing a coalition approach.

Initial results indicate that, by combining elected members from Muslim League (N), PPP, IPP, Muslim League (Q), JUI, MQM, and three nationalist parties of Balochistan, the total reaches 130. Achieving the necessary support of 169 members for the prime ministerial position will require concerted efforts, making the endorsement of 39 independent members, supported by PTI, a crucial task.

It is essential to note that the results of 40 seats are still pending, introducing a potential for shifts in party positions. In such a dynamic scenario, a cohesive effort by a small number of independent members could significantly impact the overall coalition landscape.