Covid-19 vaccine: Rumours, Superstitions and reality

Covid 19

New wave of Corona virus has hit Pakistan

May 29, 2021

 Shahroz Aqeeq blogger

The market for rumors against Corona has remained hot. Someone was calling it a serious American conspiracy.  The Americans were blaming China. Initially, many countries blamed China for the spread of the virus, which led to the first case of corona in the Chinese province of Wuhan. 

The other group, which called it a US plot, believed that because the United States did not like China’s economic development, the United States had experienced a biological war in China.

Then slowly both assumptions began to die down.  One of the country’s top officials gave the excuse that we sent various fake samples to the laboratory for corona testing, the results of which are positive because this lab has made positive reports of corona from fake samples, so there is no disease called corona.  No, it’s all a lie and a conspiracy.

However, any scientific experiment, whether in the lab or anywhere, there is a possibility of error.  In the early days, the disease severely affected the United States, and recently India has suffered significant damage from the pandemic.

Covid-19 is a respiratory virus that enters in the human body and invades the lungs, which can lead to the death after severe difficulty in breathing.

Sooner or later recovery from Corona depends on your immune system.  Some people developed severe symptoms of corona, while others succumbed to the infection after a mild fever.

Many countries initially considered the pandemic to be just a common cold, many denied the existence of the disease, and some are still reluctant to accept the disease.

After the invention of the vaccine, there is a lot of hope that we will soon get rid of this disease.  But the human attitude towards the vaccine is very worrying.

People who did not believe in corona before and considered it a conspiracy have now come up with another thing and that is corona vaccination. The new bubble of rumors being spread against the corona vaccine contains many things, some of which I will mention under.

The most ridiculous claim is being made that Bill Gates will gain complete control over the human brain after inserting an electronic chip into humans all over the world with this vaccine. They may not realize that there is a simpler way to control the human brain is different games and different social networking sites can easily accomplish this goal, especially games that have a lot of control over the player’s mind.

Now the problem that our Pakistanis are very sensitive about is that vaccination around the world is about to kill us Pakistanis with infertility. Only Pakistanis are most likely to be affected, whether it is by two drops of polio or the Corona  vaccine.

Besides, you may have heard a lot of things and most of the lies are spread by the YouTube channels which are spreading sensation for few views.

The government of Pakistan has started free vaccination of Corona. For this you have to send the identity card number of yourself or a loved one (who is over 30 years of age) to 1166 and you will receive the rest of the instructions in the form of a message. Take care of yourself and your family, especially the elderly. Get vaccinated as soon as possible and don’t fall prey to any kind of propaganda.

Man and Corona have been engaged in a war against each other for the last two years. Sometimes the weight of the human being would be heavier and sometimes the weight of Corona would be after mutation.

It would be premature to say who will win the final and when this war will continue.  But I strongly hope that man will soon win this war. Until then, we all must work together to adopt good health principles. Be careful, wear a mask, be limited, and be safe.


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