Civil society demands End to Attempts to Abrogate the Constitution

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Civil society demands End to Attempts to Abrogate the Constitution

  • Demands impeachment of President Arif Alvi
  • All loan agreements be approved by the parliament

KARACHI, April 8, 2022- A meeting of civil society, trade unions and academics was held at HRCP Karachi Office on Friday was chaired by Hussain Naqi (HRCP) and labour leader Karamat Ali.

The civil society appreciates the unanimous judgment of the Supreme Court and demands impeachment of President Arif Alvi for his role in the attempt to subvert the supremacy of the constitution.

The civil society, trade unions and academics demands immediate constitutional and electoral reforms to make the constitution more pro-people so as to safeguard basic fundamental rights, right to employment and social security.

The civil society, trade unions and academics demand end to all types of discrimination including against the women, minorities, genders, working classes.

National Assembly session summoned tomorrow morning, Agenda issued 

What is in Supreme Court’s Verdict?

The participants including Asad Iqbal Butt (HRCP), Dr. Riaz Sheikh (ZABIST), Faisal Edhi, Tauseef Ahmed (Academician) Dr. Riaz Ahmed (KU), Nasir Masnoor (NTUF), Mehnaz Rehman (AF), Sohail Sangi (senior Journalist), Zehra Khan (HBWWF), Dr., Qazi Khizar (HRCP) Saeed Balcoh (PFF), Farhat Parveen (Now Communities), Ayub Qureshi (NP), Ms Seemi Emanual, Dr Birma, Sadia Baloch (HRCP), Wahid Baloch (Rights Activist), Abdul Hai (Rights Activist), Mehboob Malik (Labour Leader), Zahid Farooq (URC), also demands end to the campaign against freedom of expression and demands the right to information be restored.

The meeting further demanded that the proposed law to declare forced disappearances as criminal offence be introduced without delay and all the missing persons be recovered and the parliament approves a comprehensive law to protect basic fundamental rights.

The civil society considers that the only way to end the economic turmoil is reforms aimed at mitigating the suffering of the poor, enlarging regional trade, reduction in military budget and harmonizing relations with neighboring countries.

The civil society demands that further negotiations with the IMF should consider the past four year severe impact of such reforms on the poor and working classes and all loan agreements must be approved by the peoples’ representatives in the parliament.