Chairman NAB meets with victims, Issues apology for past actions

NAB chairman

Chairman NAB meets with victims, Issues apology for past actions

ISLAMABAD< May 17, 2024: In a surprising and unprecedented move, the chairman of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Lt. Gen. (Rtd) Nazir Butt, has initiated a series of meetings to personally apologize to individuals and families who have been wronged by the agency’s actions in the past.

This significant shift comes as a response to the bureau’s long history of alleged abuses of power, which have resulted in the persecution and harassment of numerous politicians, bureaucrats, and businesspeople under the guise of accountability.

Informed sources have revealed that the new chairman is committed to addressing the grievances of those who suffered due to NAB’s controversial practices. In a recent poignant encounter, Chairman Butt met with the family of a deceased victim, who reportedly died due to the harassment inflicted by NAB officials. This meeting marks the beginning of a broader effort to reconcile with those affected by the bureau’s past misconduct.

NAB has long been criticized for its heavy-handed approach and misuse of authority. Over the years, the agency has faced accusations of unfairly targeting individuals, often detaining them for extended periods without sufficient evidence, which in some cases has led to fatal consequences. The bureau’s actions have often been seen as tools for political manipulation, tarnishing the reputations and lives of many innocent people.

The tenure of the previous chairman, Justice (Rtd) Javed Iqbal, was particularly notorious for the bureau’s aggressive tactics. Under his leadership, numerous instances of overreach and harsh treatment of suspects were reported, leaving a legacy of fear and mistrust towards the institution.

Chairman Butt’s initiative represents a stark departure from NAB’s historical practices. By acknowledging the wrongdoings and seeking to mend the wounds of the past, the current leadership aims to restore the agency’s credibility and rebuild public trust. This new approach signals a potential transformation in NAB’s operational ethos, emphasizing accountability, transparency, and respect for human dignity.