Boycott of classes continues on the 8th day in Karachi University

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Boycott of classes continues on the 8th day in Karachi University

KARACHI, 08,2022- Teachers and non-teaching staff of the Karachi University continued their protest on the 8th day.

The administration system in Karachi University has been severely affected due to protests by teachers and non-teaching staff.

The teaching process in Karachi University is also closed on the eighth day. Ongoing classes and examinations in the university have been postponed.

According to the teachers’ association, teaching will be suspended till the demands of the teachers are accepted. If the demands are not accepted, protests will be staged in other universities of Sindh as well.

According to the teachers’ union, the secretary who ridiculed teachers should be removed. The secretary board and universities ridiculed the vice chancellor and teachers in the selection board, they alleged.

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After today’s teachers’ meeting, it will be decided to spread the protest to universities across Sindh.

Karachi University Teachers’ Association has decided to boycott classes for another 10 days against the behavior of secretary boards and universities.

According to Mohsin Ali, secretary of the teachers’ union, the protest will continue till the selection board is formed, while the next course of action will be decided at the general body meeting next week.

Shah Ali Al-Qadr, president of Karachi University Teachers’ Association, said that when the selection board started, the secretary boards and universities had stopped the selection board and attacked the sovereignty of the university.

He said that acting VCs in Sindh were controlling the autonomy of universities.

Secretary Boards and Universities Mureed Rahimoo said that the black day and boycott of teachers is unwarranted, the government has banned recruitment but prior permission is required for any university which wants to conduct necessary recruitment and many universities are allowed to recruit. Karachi University should also get permission.