Bilawal rejects budget, says, without NFC award, budget was illegal

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Bilawal rejects budget, says, without NFC award, budget was illegal

ISLAMABAD (June 18, 2021): PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has rejected the federal budget and said that without NFC award, budget and budget session were illegal.

Addressing the budget session of National Assembly here on Friday, PPP chairman said every member of the National Assembly has the right to attend the budget meeting while the Speaker did not issue production orders. Ali Wazir, Khursheed Shah and Khawaja Asif were deprived of participating in the budget session and demanded that production order of Ali Wazir, Khursheed Shah, Khawaja Asif should be issued and they should be called in the budget session,

He questioned that if the opposition was not opposing the government, then who will do this job?

Bilawal Bhutto warned the Prime Minister Imran Khan not to use the word state of Madinah for this failed and incompetent government.

PPP chairman said he [Prime minister] did not want the PTI-F budget to be exposed hence not giving a chance to the opposition and added that Thinking that the wrong GDP growth rate and false economic growth would be hidden by suppressing the voice of the opposition, they did not know that the people would not know the budget from the speeches of the opposition but they already knew because they are facing inflation.

“The man who can’t buy medicine for his mother knows that the claim of 4% growth rate is wrong, the laborer who can’t send his children to school because of Imran Khan’s high prices knows that Imran Khan’s Claims of economic growth are false, inflation in Pakistan is higher than Afghanistan, Bangladesh and India, Bilawal Bhutto said.

Inflation was also in the PPP era, there was a global economic crisis, two major floods came but we brought Benazir Income Support Program and did not leave the people destitute. You call it a feeling, you have no feeling.

The government made agreement with the protesting government employees to pay them but deceived them.

“You have brought a storm of indirect taxes in this budget. If there is economic growth, then why is there historical poverty in the country? Bilawal asked.

Young people with degrees in their hands are wandering for employment, he said and added that in Multan, a woman committed suicide after killing her children due to high prices. On such an occasion, a member of the National Assembly from Multan was singing the tune of economic development.

Bilawal said country will have to pay the political price for what the PTI did in Parliament. We will not let this day be forgotten and reminded that it is not possible that you cannot censor my speech and make it to the liking of the Prime Minister.

PPP chairman said, those who bargained for Kashmir and tried to give NRO to Kulbhushan considered it appropriate for the opposition leader to hit the budget book.

After what happened in the parliament, every embassy in Islamabad is writing its observations about the government of Pakistan.

Addressing the Speaker Bilawal said “Mr. Speaker! Your kids didn’t ask you if this was the way to run the country !!”

Talking about NFC, Bilawal said, “Whenever we talk about the 18th Amendment and the NFC, we are ridiculed for the Sindh card. But, he added implementing the 18th Amendment and the NFC is a constitutional obligation, it is not an option.

He criticize the PTI government and said constitutional duties are a thing of the past. You are not even able to fulfill your promises to the provinces. This issue is not only of Sindh but also of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan.

“Now the Chief Minister of Sindh will not talk about Germany and Japan. If the Chief Minister will not criticize the excesses in the province, will Trump criticize?” Bilawal said

“Before delivering gas elsewhere, you must first supply gas to the people of Sui and Ghotki. The FIA ​​employees of the federal government from Sindh who were recruited in the nineties have been fired, he stressed.

Sindh Public Service Commission is being closed and the youth of Sindh are being deprived of employment. Steel mills have been closed and thousands of families have been made jobless. The Prime Minister announced a Karachi package of Rs one trillion but in budget not a penny was allocated.

“Kashmiris are surprised that the former tribal areas have been taxed by incorporating them on paper.”

“The Pak-China Economic Corridor project cannot succeed unless it benefits the common man of Balochistan” Bilawal reminded.

He termed the legislation regarding the electoral process an attempt to rob the people of their vote once again.

Bilawal expressed his concern about the government’s policy on Afghanistan and said, we have seen dictators Zia and Musharraf take personal advantage of the Afghan war. He added, “We will not allow Imran Khan to use Afghanistan for his own benefit instead of for the benefit of the country when it is entering a new phase. “