After fake news, plagiarism hits Pakistani media

plagiarism - Pakistani media

After fake news, plagiarism hits Pakistani media

Outcome Report

After fake news, plagiarism hits Pakistani media. Pakistan’s leading English newspaper regretted and has banned writer and researcher and published correction on its web site. The story on Hemu Kalani a freedom fighter from Sindh was published in Daily Dawn’s Sunday magazine ECHOES on March 25,2023 with byline of Raza Naeem

Riaz Sohail, a journalist associated with BBC based in Karachi, claiming on Twitter that piece on Hemu Kalani a freedom fighter from Sindh was actually his writing published on BBC Urdu web site in 2020, but now Raza Naeem got it published in Dawn’s Sunday magazine ECHOES with his authorship.  It was translation of his (Riaz) piece, Riaz Sohail’s claimed in a tweet.

Riaz Sohail’s piece published on BBC : ہیموں کالانی: ’سندھ کا بھگت سنگھ‘ جسے انڈیا میں عزت ملی لیکن اپنی ہی دھرتی نے بھلا دیا

When pointed out, Raza Naeem was banned from publication and his name has been removed from a long feature titled “The forgotten life of Hemu Kalani” published in ECHOE.

Article that created controversy: THE FORGOTTEN LIFE OF HEMU KALANI

The issue generated controversy on social media as a good number of researchers and senior media persons are supporting Riaz Sohail’s stand.

Abbas Nasir: Former Editor Dawn and BBC Abbas Nasir in his comments  on FB comments: Shamelessness of the blatant kind.

plagiarism hits Pakistani media

Renowned scholar Ayesha Siddiqa said,

He [Raza Naeem] said he would work on a piece and it’s shameful that Raza Naeem plagiarised your work


Ayesha Siddiqa replied to Raza Naeem

Raza Naeem let’s suppose you used new information, you should have acknowledged Riaz Sohail for the part of his article that you used. Such dishonesty is called plagiarism. Dawn has already banned you and I don’t see how many other papers will continue to publish you if you don’t mend your ways. Very sad indeed.


Raza Naeem

Shiraz Hassan a journalist associated with Urdu News in Islamabad, wrote in response to this tweet:

[Raza Naeem], OMG, this guy is a habitual plagiarist. He literally translated my piece on Afra Bukhari and published it by his name in TNS.

Riaz Sohail responding to different comments said in his tweet,

Earlier he did translation of my feature on Sheikh Ayaz (renowned Sindh poet) which was published in @thewire_in, after identification they removed his byline, then he with some changes published it in @FridayTimes.

Shiraz Hassan journalist working with foreign media outlet commented: Just pathetic. Report to the Dawn.

Riaz Sohail while responding Shiraz Hassan’s comments said, Hope @mightyobvious look in it

Mighty @mightyobvious responding the comments said : I have no doubt, as I published your piece by my own hands. Glad it has been taken up with relevant quarters.

Scholar from Sindh University and activist Dr. Arfana Mallah drew the attention of  @dawn_com and the social media comments said: It is plagiarism

Veengas @VeengasJ Journalist from Karachi commented:  It is crime — I went through the replies and the person who committed plagiarism, justifying it. Had Theedi Aa.

Raza Naeem @raza_naeem1979 while defending his position on twitter said: I am quite shocked at your malafide intention and accusation. This is not the first time I have written or researched on Sindh or Sindhi history. Thanks and regards.

Researcher Aslam Khwaja @aslamkhwaja drew attention of @hyzaidi  “will you please respond to this?”

Hassam Zaidi: Responding to Aslam Kwaja Hassam Zaidi from Dawn said, I will definitely look into this!

𝐒𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐚 𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐡𝐢𝐝 posted the screenshot of the correction of Dawn web site

Naeem Raza claimed in his tweet  

While I was at the British Library. I have photographic proof of the archives from which I read, translated and conducted my research. I also supplied photographs of these archives from my personal collection to the editor to be used in the piece but again they were not used.

In another tweet Raza Naeem further tried to clarified his position

I take the charge of plagiarism quite seriously. I supplied a whole list of sources to @dawn_com a few of which they collated and one of which provided in my note was edited out. I conducted bulk of research for this piece during my stay in London in December

Raza Naeem futher said,

While I was at the British Library. I have photographic proof of the archives from which I read, translated and conducted my research. I also supplied photographs of these archives from my personal collection to the editor to be used in the piece but again they were not used.

I maintain the originality of my research and the veracity of my sources. I have go photographic proof of my research which was supplied to my particular editor working with me for this piece and for some reason both the proof and my acknowledgement of it was either not used.

Senior journalist Manzoor Chandio said: Raza Naeem plagiarized this article by @RiazSangi written for @BBCUrdu , probably pasted it in Google translation and claimed authorship for it in English. Dawn has permanently blacklisted the translator from writing for his intellectual dishonesty.

Senior journalist Qazi Asif said: Not copy pest, but translation of your story in

RiazS Ujjan · If you did your research & provided the sources to @dawn. com than why your article has been removed & dawn has issued verification? Also who is Mumtaz Bukhari?

This controversy goes on FB.

Rafiq Mangi

Greats , who is naive writer he don’t know the technology? Fareed Zakia was a President of Time Magazine, he took only one or two paragraphs of someone’s articles/book. He was not only banned from Times and CNN but his entire work was scrutinized. Time magazine pleaded there work is original and not plagiarized. Though he was President of Time but was banned for several months/years but later on was reinstated because there was no other piece of plagiarized, he apologized and said it was mistakenly added in his article.

Shiraz Ahmed and Ubed Narejo appreciated Riaz Sohail

Researcher and Media proficient Atif Vighio said, It will take time for people to understand that theft is not just about stealing material things, giving your name to someone’s written material also comes under the category of theft, and morally it is equally shameful. It happens

Taking advantage of this trend of theft, people have become PhD doctors, but we will adopt the same attitude with such thieves, which we adopt with any thief when we come to know, he should be thrashed. You are the same thief writer!! Maybe then the trend of theft will be less.

plagiarism hits Pakistani media

Saba Eitizaz: Wow. He’s still posted it on his page as his own work. I left a screen shot of the Dawn clarification.

Rasheed Shakoor a senior journalist said, Lucky man. Hum to sari umar keh keh ke thak gae the

Saeed Ali has shared the BBC link of the story  and said I think word copy paste is inappropriate by Riaz Sohail.

Raza Naeem also did well to compile but if he took any piece from Urdu article should be quoted.I think word copy paste is inappropriate by Riaz Sohail.

Raza Naeem while responding to Halar Nawaz admitted

Halar Nawaz Yes had I plagiarized from Riaz Sohail’s article it would have been blatantly dishonest. I didn’t, since I had my own sources to tell this story which were not available to Riaz Sohail when he wrote his own article. But I didn’t! I have been writing short pieces on Hemu Kalani since January 2022 even prior to my archival research. Thanks and regards

Farhan Soomro

Only upside is that your great investigative work translated into English and now many learned about our hero

Raza Naeem is a Pakistani social scientist, literary activist, blogger, book critic, and an award-winning translator and dramatic reader based in Lahore.

Riaz Sohail is Senior Journalist working with BBC Urdu Based in Karachi , Reports Sindh and Balochsitan