Afghan Taliban should decide whether to hand over TTP or take action against them, Kakar 

Anwaar Kakar

Privatization of PIA is first priority, Caretaker PM

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar has said that two years ago, TTP people were practically participating in these talks in Kabul when the pretense of negotiations was made.

That the people of TTP should be handed over to us or we should take action against them. The Taliban know very well from where the TTP people are attacking .

In an interview with Salim Safi, the host of GeoNews’ Jirga program on Sunday, Anwarul Haq Kakar said that all parties are continuing their political activities, our priority is to hold elections as soon as possible. The elected government came and assumed its responsibilities. What have we done that gives the impression that we are partial to a party?

The TTP is not present in the Central Asian states but on the Afghan soil. It is not acceptable that operations are carried out against us from the Afghan soil and the Afghan Taliban continue to watch the spectacle, Kakar said.

The charge of poisoning Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan in jail is irresponsible, he was neither arrested by the caretaker government nor can he be released by royal decree, Chairman PTI is completely safe in jail and it is our responsibility, caretaker PM added.

There are no agitators here who want to take personal revenge against Chairman PTI. People’s Party does not take the allegation of level playing field seriously, he said.

Accusation of not getting a level playing field

The accusation of not getting a level playing field is a tactic to attract the voters. Declaring yourself oppressed in front of the voters can be the narrative of any party, maybe the People’s Party is also saying this kind of things to its voters.

PTI leaders are also continuing political activities in their areas. On the allegation of poisoning Imran Khan in jail, the Prime Minister said that these are governments and not criminal groups, one should think ten times before making such allegations. The allegation falls under the category of murder, which is a very serious allegation.

In response to the question why the All-Parties Conference is not convened regarding the elections and level playing, the Caretaker Prime Minister said that the nature of the All-Parties Conference is very political.

Calling an all-party conference on this one point is not digestible to me. On the review appeal related to the Military Courts decision, Anwar Haq Kakar said that where we believe that the decisions of the Supreme Court are not in accordance with the Constitution and the law, we have the legal right to appeal against it.

Anyone who attacks military installations should face military courts. TTP militants also target military installations or the army.

What happened on May 9 was not a political act, it falls under the category of arson, it is possible that it was done deliberately and it is also possible that it happened inadvertently, then all these things should have come out in the form of investigation.

Tehreek-e-Insaf is alleging that from General Bajwa to Asim Munir, they are all rivals against us and if they are accused of murder, do they not get the right to respond to the host’s question?

In response, Anwar Haq Kakar said that by justifying such things, TTP also says that they have made friends with America, went against Muslim brothers, so we will kill their children in APS. When you go to the checkpoint holding a gun and protesting, there will be firing as a reaction, which will be correct, whereas on May 9, the army showed great restraint. If the army fired at that time, I see I was right.

In response to how you declared the government of Afghanistan illegal, the Caretaker Prime Minister said that maybe my words could have been better than that. The current government has not been recognized or recognized at the global level.

He said that it cannot be that if the TTP attacks on Pakistan, it will not be answered.

The situation between TTP and us is that they want TTP’s way of life to be adopted by the rest of Pakistan, while we say that we will live life in our own way, then the house here will be either theirs or theirs. It will be ours.

For those who want serious negotiations, it is necessary to lay down arms without conditions. The justification for taking up arms is illegitimate. We have adopted a policy of deporting illegal residents.

According to the law, a decision will be taken regarding their property, if the law allows it, they will confiscate it, if it does not, they will not, however, no policy has come out regarding it yet.