Reducing programs for elderly writers, artists on radio, TV criticised


HYDERABAD, January 23, 2022: Reducing programs for elderly writers, artists on radio, TV is being criticised by the different segments of society.

Awami Cultural Sangat Sindh Hyderabad chairman advocate Roshan Sunder Chandio and senior advocate  has criticized Radio Pakistan and PTV for reducing programs from 21 to only 4 for the elderly artists, singers, poets and writers in this critical time of high inflation.

Addressing news conference at press club here

Roshan Sunder Chandio criticises reducing programs for elderly artists

said above mentioned artists were facing hard times in the present age of inflation to providing bread and butter for their families as almost all singers, poets, writers and other artists happen to belonging to poor segment of society.

By reducing number of programs for those attaining 60 years of age  on Radio and TV the authorities were pushing them to below poverty line which cannot be accepted.

He said this trend shows government was not having care for their survival as ministers and officers of culture department were interested to only getting their photos on media. He also mentioned this attitude was in violation of Article 25 A and B of constitution of Pakistan as by reducing programs for artists was tantamount to pushing families and children of such artists to ultimate poverty leading to hunger.

He added that he was talking for artists from all over Pakistan as in his opinion they have no borders, be they from any part of country including  Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and also belonging to any language including Urdu as he consider all them as my own brothers as such he urged government to stop authorities of Radio Pakistan and PTV not to reduce number of their programs taking in view survival and livelihood of elderly people’s families.

Roshan Sunder Chandio  was accompanied with Ali Akbar Baloch.