February 21, 2024

711 Suspects arrested in crackdown on Hundi and illegal currency exchange 


711 Suspects arrested in crackdown on Hundi and illegal currency exchange 

In a significant move against illegal activities, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has successfully apprehended 711 individuals involved in hundi (an informal hawala system) and illegal currency exchange throughout the year.

According to the FIA spokesperson, a comprehensive crackdown has been initiated nationwide to curb the menace of handi and illegal currency exchange. This year alone, the agency has taken 499 actions to combat these illicit activities.

The FIA registered a total of 500 cases and made 711 arrests in connection with hundi and illegal currency exchange. The operation extended across various zones, leading to the arrest of 333 individuals in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa zone, 79 in Lahore, 24 in Gujranwala, 67 in Faisalabad, and 53 in Multan zone.

Regional Breakdown:

  • Islamabad zone reported 26 arrests,
  • Karachi reported 77,
  • Hyderabad reported 32,
  • Balochistan zone reported 20.

Financial Recovery: During the operations, the FIA successfully recovered a substantial amount, totaling Rs 4.28 crore in both domestic and foreign currencies. The seized foreign currencies included 8 lakh US dollars and other currencies worth Rs 38 crore.

Significant Figures: The spokesperson highlighted that the recovered foreign currency comprises over 3 billion 67 crore Pakistani rupees. Additionally, more than 28 plazas, markets, and shops were sealed across the nation during the raids, demonstrating the government’s commitment to eradicating such illegal practices.