December 6, 2023

4500 Afghan students are studying in Pakistani universities: Madad Ali

Madad Ali Sindhi

4500 Afghan students are studying in Pakistani universities: Madad Ali

HYDERABAD, Nov5: Federal Minister of Education Madad Ali Sindhi while talking to journalists at the Sindh Museum said that 4500 Afghan students are studying in various universities of Pakistan, who are legally there, but we have no space for illegal residents.

Madad Ali Sindhi added that after the 18th amendment, education has been handed over to the provinces. however he said,” I will conduct an inquiry on the non-availability of text books.”
For the convenience of the skilled persons, the Saudi Takaful branch has also been established in Hyderabad, now the skilled persons will not have to go to Karachi to take the test.
Job seekers in Saudi Arabia will be able to take the give test here.
The care taker education minister said that in the past, the performance of the skill-giving institutions was not visible. Government schools have gone out of hand and the problems have increased and the performance of the examination boards itself is a question mark.
He said that in my time I will try to lay a good foundation and I was given a briefing of twenty-six institutions.
He categorically said Pakistan is not an international orphanage, you can not live in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, or France without a passport. If the caretaker government has taken a good decision, it should have stood together. But The People’s Party went to the Supreme Court on the issue. I have also distributed certificates to Afghans studying in various universities.

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