December 6, 2023

3 policemen booked for goat theft on highway


3 policemen booked for goat theft on highway (Representational)

KARACHI, Nov 19,2023: In a surprising turn of events, a case of goat theft has been officially registered against six persons, including three policemen on the national highway.

According to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), the implicated police officers are currently serving in Karachi’s Industrial Area police station.

The alleged incident unfolded on the national highway as the accused attempted to abscond with a goat while traveling from Larkana to Karachi.

Local residents, keenly observant of the unfolding crime, swiftly intervened.

The owner of the pilfered goat raised an alarm, prompting the vigilant community members to apprehend the suspects. Subsequently, the accused were handed over to the police, marking the initiation of the legal proceedings against them.

This incident has raised concerns about the involvement of law enforcement personnel in criminal activities, underscoring the need for a thorough investigation to determine the facts surrounding the case.

The Senior Superintendent of Police assured that due diligence would be exercised in examining the allegations against the three policemen and the other individuals involved in the goat theft.

The case highlights the importance of maintaining public trust in law enforcement agencies and ensuring accountability within their ranks.

As the legal process unfolds, further details are anticipated to emerge regarding the motives behind this unusual crime involving members of the police force.